Friday, August 1, 2014

Here I am. This is me

you never realize how hard it is to write "about you" until you are trying to write an "about me" section. there are so many different aspects of me, so many different hats that i wear, so it is difficult to describe ME in just a few words. you may have found your way to my page from my etsy shop. if so, then you may think of me as a crafter, a small business owner, a painter, an artist. at least, i hope those are the words my work evokes. you may have found your way here because you were perusing through blogs, or maybe you know me in person. regardless of how you found me, here are a few characteristics that i would use to describe myself. here we go, let's learn "about me":

i am a mom. i am a wife. i am an artist. i am a housewife. i am a dishwasher. i am a cook. i am an a+ vacuum genius. i am a netflix binge watcher. i am a perfectionist, yet i am still messy at times. i am a nervous nelly. i am a worry wart. i am a caretaker. i am compassionate. i am empathetic. i love people. i am a person that celebrates differences. i am a dog owner/lover. i am a crybaby. i am finally comfortable in my own skin. i am spiritual. i am proud of my family. i am proud of who i am.

the grand thing about this life is that we can all be who we are and be perfect just the way we are regardless of our differences. it took me a long time to realize that my differences make me great. i was very hard on myself, my looks, my weight, my personality for a very long time. i was unhappy with me. i didn't think i deserved happiness. and, i am finally at a place where i know that i do deserve every bit of it that comes my way. because, at my core, i am a good person. i care about people. and, i use every day to tell someone i love them, that i am thinking of them, and that i am here for them. see, in the end, all of the money in the world won't mean a thing - it is the people that love us that will show our true value. those are the things that make us rich. 

and because of that, i can say that i am rich beyond belief.